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Rendhagyó angolóra :: 2016-11-17

2016. november 10-én az Amerikai Kereskedelmi Kamara (AmCham) Nyelvi nagykövet programjának keretében Alona Remizova a TATA cégtől tartott iskolánkban angolul előadást a nyelvtanulás fontosságáról a 10.a és a 13.a osztály tanulóinak. A programot Mohay Erika tanárnő szervezte.

Tanulói visszajelzések az előadásról:

„I agree that we should speak more languages, I think it’s important and fun. Thank you for coming!”

„The presentation was about the importance of learning languages. She told us that English is such a common language nowadays that it is no longer that much of a bonus when applying for a job, more like a requirement. Therefore, it is advised that we learn a different language as well.”

„In my opinion, it was great to listen to somebody who came from a different country with a different culture, so we could hear what difficulties she had and how she handled them. I think she explained us a lot of things so it was useful to listen to her. Thank you for coming!”

„I’d like to say thank you for your presentation. Well, it was so inspiring to me. I’m glad that you are learning our language. In the future I would like to deal with English and French.”

„I really liked Alona’s presentation, it was a good inspiration for me and I’ll try to learn as many languages as I can to get to know other cultures as well. I also liked her telling us Hungarian words to show how good she is at learning our language.”

„I really liked her performance - she was self-confident and cute as well. Even though English is not her mother tongue she spoke really well. I loved the personal parts of it. So thank you Alona for this amazing performance. We really enjoyed your personality and speech.”

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